Terms of Trade

Casual (Non enrolled patients) may access medical care with payment prior to consultation or service.

Accepted methods of payment: Eftpos, Credit Card, Cash.

Newly enrolling patients: The government subsidy available to your doctor will not be made available for 3 months from the date your enrolment. As a mark of goodwill, the doctors at Moorhouse Medical Centre will charge newly enrolling patients at an enrolled patient (subsidised) fee.

Standard Consultation: A standard consultation is 15 minutes duration. During the consultation, the doctor may complete one involved or two simple matters. The doctor will advise you if multiple requests cannot be met a standard 15-minute consultation, and deal with the most clinically urgent item at your initial appointment.

Extended Consultations: An extended consultation is 30 minutes duration. If you request an extended (Double) consultation, this must be requested when booking your appointment. The charge is double consultation is double the standard consultation fee.

Enrolled patients: Moorhouse Medical Centre does not hold patients accounts. Your payment is expected on the day of consultation or service.

Non-attendance Fee: Failure to attend for your appointment or failure to cancel within one hour of your appointment time, may incur a charge at the rate of a standard doctor consult fee.

Paper statements: To reduce our carbon footprint Moorhouse Medical Centre sends out text reminders for accounts outstanding. Text reminders showing an outstanding balance are generated monthly, at the start of each calendar month. Patients who do not have cell phones or have identified as No Text Messages (SMS) will continue to receive a paper notification of outstanding balance at the start of each month.

*Full transactional paper statements are available on request

Unpaid accounts of more than 60 days: Further routine medical attention* will be withheld pending payment / part of outstanding balance.

* (excludes urgent medical attention which will continue to provide)

We welcome direct credit payments tom our bank accounts.

01 0797 0836138 00

Please quote your name as a reference

A regular automatic payment set up through your bank is another option you may wish to organise to cover your medical costs.

The following payment methods are accepted for enrolled patients: Eftpos, MasterCard/ Visa, Cash, Direct Bank Credit. We do not accept American express.

The Commerce Commission now allows businesses to pass on Visa and Mastercard credit card transactions costs to customers who choose to pay by this method. The Doctors of Moorhouse Medical Centre have opted not to pass on charges to our patients but reserve the right to do so.