Moorhouse Medical Centre is a busy, vibrant general practice and Accident & Medical Clinic based in the city, but with a community focus. We also host on site Pharmacy, Xray, Physio, Hand Therapy, and Dental services.

Our experience team of professionals are passionate about providing health and medical services that meet the needs of everyone in the Christchurch community, with the level of care we’d like to receive ourselves. We warmly welcome you to our clinic.

General Practice

Patients who are able and wish to enrol with our practice are assigned a GP (General Practice / Doctor) As an enrolled patient, you have access to subsidised healthcare fees and a wider range of services. And having own GP gives you continuity of care.

Accident and Medical Walk-ins

Our Accident and Medical care services is a ‘’walk in” service, available to everyone who needs medical care. This includes patients who are not enrolled with us, non-New Zealand residents, visitors to Christchurch, as well as enrolled patients who need Accident and Medical Care.

We are unable to take bookings to see Accident and Medical clinic. Patients are assessed by a nurse when they arrive and wait to be seen according to the urgency of their condition.

Meet our team

General Practice

Amogh Vithal
Eli Leckey
Katie Sleeman
Monica Nua George
Neil Beumelburg
Nicolas Onyango
Rokia Kone
Sam Fussey
Steve Walker

Nurse Prescribers

Jacqui O’Connell
Theresa Bathurst