The fees listed are for a standard 15 min appointment (one major and 1 minor issue). An additional fee may be charged for complex or longer consultations.

If you want to discuss more than one issue or feel you need a longer appointment, please tell the receptionist when you phone to book an appointment.

You are expected to be on time for your appointment. If you are late, you may not be able to be seen you may choose to be able to join the walk-in clinic which will incur extra costs

GP Appointment Clinic Enrolled Fees

Effective from 7th Feb 2024 Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm
Medical Consult
Child < 14 Free
Youth 14 – 17 $59
Youth 14 – 17 CSC $13
Adult $69
Adult CSC $19.50
Nurse Appointment $40
Repeat Prescription > 14 yrs $30
Maternity – First 12 weeks Free
ACC / Injury Consult
Child < 14 Free
Youth 14 – 17 $55
Youth 14 – 17 CSC $13
Adult $65
Adult CSC $19.50

Accident & Medical, Walk-in Clinic Fees

Effective from 1st May 2024 Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm
9am – 5pm
Medical / ACC Consult
Adult $110 $130
Adult CSC / Child $85 $105
Non-NZ Residents $200 $250
Enrolled Patients -$10 Discount -$10 Discount

Payment Options

  1. Pay by EFTPOS, Credit Card, and cash after your appointment.
  2. Call us 03 365 7900 and pay with Credit Card or Eftpos
  3. Direct Bank Deposit Our Bank number 01 0797 0836138 00
    Please use the following References:
    Particulars: Surname
    Code: First Name
    Reference: Date of Birth

Payment Policy

At Moorhouse Medical Centre we have a pay on the day policy, we are not able to run accounts.

Reduced fees apply to Community Service Cards (CSC) holders.

A non-attendance fee of $25.00 may be charged for appointments that are cancelled without sufficient notice.

Enrolled Patients

If you are an enrolled patient, you are eligible for subsidised healthcare. This will result in better continuity of for you.

For enrolled patients we will try and see you when you wish to be seen, wherever possible, if you can’t get an appointment that day then we will offer you another day.

If your problem is urgent, please explain this to the receptionist. You may be able to wait in our Accident and Medical walk- in clinic to see one accident and medical care doctors or you may be asked to talk to a nurse.

If enrolled patients are seen in the Accident and Medical Clinic, then Accident and Medical rates apply.

All emergencies will take priority – for GP and Accident and Medical services and appointment and wait times are approximate.

Casual Patients

If you do not expect to receive most of your health care services from us, or if you are unable to enrol with a doctor in New Zealand, you may wish to remain as a casual patient and see doctors on duty under our Accident and Medical walk-in clinic.

Unfortunately, we do not receive any funding for casual patients, therefore rates for patients who are not enrolled are higher than our standard fee.