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Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate Cancer
Most common cancer in men over 5o
Second most frequent cause of cancer related deaths in men
Each year 3000 men in New Zealand diagnosed, 600 die from the disease
Causes no symptoms in early stages
Screening aids early detection
If caught early most cases can be managed and usually cured
Prostate Gland
A small walnut-shaped gland that surrounds the bladder opening
It helps make semen
Increases in size as men age
Cancer o…

What’s Your New Year’s Health Resolution?

“To reach a healthy weight”“To give up smoking”“To have a cervical smear and/or breast check”“To book myself in for a men’s wellness check”“To get my moles checked”“To get my blood pressure /asthma/ cholesterol /diabetes under control”
Whatever your health resolution is, take the next step by making an appointment to see your GP at Moorhouse Medical Centre.Call us on 365-7900 to arrange a time that suits you.
Have a healthy start to 2015.